Rubicon DX07 - Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

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Introducing the Rubicon DX07, the latest model in the world's lightest foldable power wheelchair series. Weighing a mere 40 pounds, it features powerful 500W brushless motors, Bluetooth remote control, and a one-second folding mechanism for easy portability. With an extended travel range of up to 10 miles on a single charge, adjustable speeds, and safety features like electromagnetic brakes, the DX07 is designed for comfort, convenience, and durability. Its compact design, collapsible footrest, and quick 3-second folding make it ideal for various modes of transportation. Experience unparalleled mobility with the Rubicon DX07 – your partner for boundless exploration.

Color: Black
Style: With Bluetooth Remote Control


DX07 Super Lightweight Electric Wheelchair: Your Ultimate Mobility Solution

Introducing the Rubicon DX07 Super Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair: Elevating Your Mobility Experience

Experience the next level of convenience and comfort with the Rubicon DX07 Super Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair, designed to be the ultimate mobility solution for your active lifestyle. Explore the upgraded features that set the DX07 apart:

World's Lightest Foldable Power Wheelchair: Building on the success of its predecessor, the DX07 maintains its position as the world's lightest foldable power wheelchair, weighing in at an astonishing 40 pounds. This design ensures effortless portability, providing comfort both indoors and outdoors.

Swift Folding & Effortless Transport: The DX07 retains the one-second folding mechanism, seamlessly fitting into various vehicle trunks. Its folded form is akin to a suitcase, allowing for easy transportation. Enhanced brushless motors and top-notch rubber tires ensure smooth navigation across slopes and diverse terrains.

Electromagnetic Brake & Adjustable Speed: Enjoy secure and smooth stops with the electromagnetic brake. Customize your speed between 1 to 4 mph, extending your travel range up to an impressive 10 miles on a single 6-hour charge.

Smart Design for Enhanced Comfort: The DX07 focuses on elevating your experience with a collapsible footrest for easy standing, double-joint armrests for added strength and convenience, and hydraulic anti-tilt support for stability. The seat cushion and backrest cover, made of air-breeze material, offer superior comfort and easy cleaning.

360-Degree Joystick & Premium Features: Effortlessly navigate your surroundings with the 360-degree joystick. Puncture-free rubber wheels ensure stability, and the foldable footrest adds an extra layer of convenience. The DX07 is equipped with a 10AH airline-compliant battery and upgraded 500W dual motors for exceptional worldwide travel performance.

Durable & Compact: Engineered for durability, the DX07 maintains its lightweight design. With a quick 3-second folding mechanism, it remains perfect for travel and storage, fitting seamlessly into car trunks and catering to various modes of transportation, including plane, train, and cruise ship travel.

Elevate your mobility experience with the Rubicon DX07 – your ideal companion for boundless exploration with advanced features and unparalleled performance.

Product specification

Size & Weight Information

Net Weight:

40 lbs

Weight Capacity:

220 lbs

Travel Distance:

Up to 10 miles

Climbing Slope:

8° Max

Battery Charging Time:

6-8 Hours

Brake System:

Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake

Unfolded (L x W x H):

30" x 37" x 23"

Folded (L x W x H):

16" x 23" x 31"

Box Dimensions:

25" x 15" x 33"

Seat Width:


Seat Height:


Product Compare

Airline Approve




Detachable Battery





40 lbs

30 lbs

50 lbs

Weight Capacity

220 lbs

220 lbs

265 lbs


Up to 10 miles

Up to 10 miles

Up to 12 miles


400W Brushless Motors

400W Brushless Motors



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