Rubicon GX03 - Ultimate Super Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

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Experience Unmatched Portability: The GX01, a super lightweight transport wheelchair at just 16 lbs, is a travel essential, designed for easy handling by those with limited strength. Its swift 3-second folding mechanism allows it to fit seamlessly into most car trunks, ensuring effortless transportation during your trips. Durable and All-Terrain Ready: The GX01 boasts solid wheels both front and rear, crafted for durability and puncture resistance. From smooth roads to challenging terrains like grass, mud, and snow, this wheelchair guarantees a reliable journey. Plus, you're backed by a 1-year warranty and our dedicated customer service team for any assistance, ensuring peace of mind. In the unlikely event of damaged or missing parts upon delivery, our store is here to help. Additionally, we offer a 30-day return or exchange service, making your travel experiences worry-free with the GX01.